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I was born and raised in the beautiful countryside of Wales, my primary school years were spent at an all Welsh speaking school until I moved to Queensland, Australia at the age of eleven. Growing up I have had a lot of trouble with personal identity, but my love for all things creative has always been evident. I live for literature and am inspired every day by artists, musicians, photographers, writers, designers and poets- I am fascinated by all forms of expressing the breadth of human emotions, and love anything that can capture the real rawness and purity of people.

I wish I could write something amazingly defining about myself, but if I’m honest, I am far from knowing who that person is. One thing for sure, is that as a typical pisces, I am a true introvert, happiest in my own company, and will always be on a never ending road to self discovery. Along the way I have made a whole lot of mistakes, and will most likely make many more in the future, but the way I see it is at least I am learning about all the things I don’t want, and that can only be a positive.

Every detail of my life, and every feeling I have ever felt, is written and locked away in a treasured box of diaries. I am a professional when it comes to articulating myself behind closed doors, but I have created this blog as a more public outlet for creative expression, which includes not only writing, but my appreciation for all things visually appealing.

This is the third (and final) blog I have created, the first two I developed with over-thought out ‘trendy’ names, and content that I came to realise was not at all authentic, and if there’s anything that I am trying to learn, it’s to embrace my individuality and be unapologetically myself. So without any extra trimmings; by nicole louise – a genuine diary of the things I love.

‘I change during the course of a day. I wake up and I’m one person, and when I go to sleep I know for certain I’m somebody else.’ – Bob Dylan


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